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Welcome to St. Joseph Parish, Holbrook

St. Joseph Parish is a welcoming Catholic community in the small South Shore town of Holbrook, Massachusetts, with a rich history of faith-filled worship of the Lord and a mission to bring Christ to the world through our worship, the sacraments, our school, and our families. All are welcome.


Parish News 

2021 Catholic Appeal

Second Sunday of Lent                                      February 27/28

Next weekend, parishes across the Archdiocese will launch the annual Catholic Appeal, which provides necessary funding for the more than 50 ministries that serve our parishes, schools, and communities, helping us all live our faith together. This is our Church, and when you support the Catholic Appeal, you are directly supporting our parish and all those who turn to our Church for assistance. Visit to learn more or make a donation. To give now, scan the QR code below.



Every Friday during Lent (beginning Friday, February 19th) from 5:30PM-6:00PM at Saint Joseph Parish in Holbrook.


Every Friday during Lent (beginning Friday, February 19th) from 6:00PM-8:00PM at Saint Joseph Parish in Holbrook.  Mandatory sign in upon arrival.  COVID policies and procedures will be posted at the doors of the church.


Six-minute meditations on the Sunday Gospels of Lent The Little Black Book is your companion for Lent.  It travels easily with you in your pocket, purse, auto or nightstand.   The left hand pages is filled with information about the Church and Lent.  While the right hand page walks us through the Sunday Gospels with explanations and reflections.  Spend 6 minutes a day during the 40 days of Lent with the Lord.  The Little Black Book is available after Mass or at the rectory.






  • Only a limited number of people are permitted in both Saint Michael and Saint Joseph Parish per Mass.  Parishioners must schedule in advance to attend weekend and weekday Mass by signing up below.  Please RSVP for EVERY person who will attend.  

  • Those without computer access can call the parish office to sign up during office hours.  

    • Saint Michael Parish 508-586-7210  
      • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00AM - 3:00PM
    • Saint Joseph Parish 781-767-0605
      • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to Mass to allow time for check-in.


Mass Directives

As we begin to return to Mass, the archdiocese of Boston has provided guidelines to create a safe, comfortable and reverent environment.  We all have a role to play in keeping each other safe and healthy.  Sunday dispensation remains in place.

How to Prepare for Mass

To maintain social distancing during the Mass there will be a limit on the number of people who will be allowed in the church at one time.  Each parish will enforce these limitations differently.  Please refer to the website or call the Parish Office for further details.  To prepare for Mass bring with you a face covering, personal hand sanitizer, and your own means to access the Sunday readings. 

When You Arrive

As you arrive at the church please put your face covering on, maintain six feet physical distance from anyone not in your immediate household at all times, and use only the identified entrances.  Aisles and pews will be marked to help you maintain social distance in the church.  Face coverings are not required for children under 2 and persons with medical reasons.

During the Mass

There will be a few changes you will notice.  The opening procession, the use of hymnals, congregational singing and the sign of peace will be temporarily suspended.  These alterations have been made taking into account your spiritual and physical well-being.  The priest will not be wearing a face covering while he is in the sanctuary, but he will set the host for distribution to the side for the congregation’s safety. 

Receiving Holy Communion

At Holy Communion wait for your row to be invited up before leaving your pew.  Receive the host in your hand, step to the side, remove your face covering and consume the host.  Then put your face covering back on and you will be directed to the exit doors.

At the Conclusion of Mass

Do not congregate and gather in the church or outside after Mass, but simply begin to make your way home. 

We are excited to celebrate public Masses again and want to create a safe and comfortable environment to do so.  Thank you for doing your part!  Welcome Back!

VIDEO:  Archdiocese of Boston - Returning to Mass



Office Hours

Office is open 8a to 2p, M-W-TH-F. Closed Tuesdays.

Online Giving

Our parish is now offering ONLINE GIVING. For additional information, or to sign up, visit the link here: Read more






Religious Ed

Our Faith


Parish Photos

Event Calendar



Mass Times:

4:00PM Vigil - Saint Joseph Parish 
4:00PM Vigil - Saint Michael Parish
7:30AM - Saint Joseph Parish
9:00AM - Saint Michael Parish
11:00AM - Saint Joseph Parish 
Monday & Friday
9:00AM - Saint Michael Parish
Wednesday & Thursday
9:00AM - Saint Joseph Parish


There will be no Morning Mass on Tuesday and Saturday at either parish.

Confession:Welcome! By appointment only.  Please call the parish office to schedule. Click here for our staff directory.



Upcoming Events


Are you or someone you know looking for a part time position (10-15 hours per week)? Saint Michael Parish is looking to hire a cemetery superintendent and maintenance person.  Click HERE to read the full job description.  Interested applicants should submit a resume to Robert Kelley at  

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News from the Pilot and Archdiocese

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Living and speaking by Christ's higher standard

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An evangelical path

I commenced my writing career, roughly 25 years ago, as a critic of liberal Catholicism, which I referred to, in one of the first articles I ever published, as "beige Catholicism." By this designation, I meant a faith that had become culturally accommodating, hand-wringing, unsure of itself; a Church that had allowed its distinctive colors to be muted and its sharp edges to be dulled. In a series of articles and talks as well as in such books as "And Now I See," "The Strangest Way," and especially "The Priority of Christ," I laid out my critique of the type of Catholicism that held sway in the years after the Second Vatican Council as well as my vision of what a renewed and evangelically compelling Church would look like. I emphasized Christocentrism as opposed to anthropocentrism, a Scripture-based theological method rather than one grounded in human experience, the need to resist the reduction of Christianity to psychology and social service, a recovery of the great Catholic intellectual tradition, and a robust embrace of evangelical proclamation. In all of this, I took as my mentor Pope John Paul II, especially the sainted pontiff's interpretation of Vatican II as a missionary council, whose purpose was to bring Christ to the nations. [Read More]

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