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Welcome to St. Joseph Parish, Holbrook

St. Joseph Parish is a welcoming Catholic community in the small South Shore town of Holbrook, Massachusetts, with a rich history of faith-filled worship of the Lord and a mission to bring Christ to the world through our worship, the sacraments, our school, and our families. All are welcome.


Parish News 




For two years now, due to COVID 19 restrictions, we have been unable to hold our annual Parish Bazaar.  This year, unfortunately, we are still unable to hold our full bazaar.  However, we have come up with a way to continue a small part of our holiday bazaar tradition.  This year we are going to host a bazaar favorite - the Gift Basket Raffle!  

A book of raffle tickets will be mailed out to parishioners this week.  We hope you will either be able to purchase or assist us with selling some tickets.  If you would like to buy or sell tickets in addition to these, you may call the Rectory.  In addition to that, we will also be selling raffle tickets after all of the weekend Masses starting November 6th.  Please feel free to send in your tickets (we can randomly select for you) or you may drop them off after Mass and select which basket you would like to try and win.  We have lots of great ones to choose from!

Baskets will be set up in St. Charles Hall and the drawing will be held on Sunday, November 28th.  We will contact all winners - hope you are one of them!

Right now, we are looking for donations of brand new items that you may not be using.  Maybe you pressed "add to cart" a few times too many and have a few items that we could include in our baskets. If so, please drop them off at the rectory door or contact us regarding them. Parish Office 781-767-0605 or


As always, we appreciate your support! 

Thank you!


2021 Catholic Appeal

Each year, the Catholic Appeal provides the faithful with a way to help support the ministries that support our parishes, our schools, and our communities. This is our Church, and every gift makes a difference. Please consider making your gift today by visiting or by scanning the QR code below. Your gift has an immediate impact on our parish and the work of our Church. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Office Hours

Office is open 8a to 2p, M-W-TH-F. Closed Tuesdays.

Online Giving

Our parish is now offering ONLINE GIVING. For additional information, or to sign up, visit the link here: Read more






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Event Calendar



Mass Times:

4:00PM Vigil - Saint Joseph Parish 
4:00PM Vigil - Saint Michael Parish
7:30AM - Saint Joseph Parish
9:00AM - Saint Michael Parish
11:00AM - Saint Joseph Parish 
Monday & Friday
9:00AM - Saint Michael Parish
Wednesday & Thursday
9:00AM - Saint Joseph Parish


There will be no Morning Mass on Tuesday and Saturday at either parish.

Confession:Welcome! By appointment only.  Please call the parish office to schedule. Click here for our staff directory.



Upcoming Events




Are you or someone you know looking for a part time position (10-15 hours per week)? Saint Michael Parish is looking to hire a cemetery superintendent and maintenance person.  Click HERE to read the full job description.  Interested applicants should submit a resume to Robert Kelley at  

Traveling this summer?

When you are traveling this summer and you are looking for a Mass in the area, visit for a list of local parishes and Mass times in the area.

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